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SOCAL is the largest league in Orange County and has teams in Southern California from Ventura County down to San Diego County and all counties in between. LBFC and all SOCAL member clubs are affiliates of US CLUB SOCCER.

Competitive play is “flight” based. Starting with Flight 4 and working up to Flight 1.

Flight 4 is the level between Recreational and Competitive. This flight only plays a fall season (with an optional separate spring season). They play 12 games and do not have to play SOCAL State Cup. There is a year-end Tournament of Champions for this level combined with Recreational teams. This event will be held December 4-5, 2021. These are games that are scheduled within the team’s own community (similar to recreational scheduling) but with a little more of a competitive flare to the games.

Flight 3 is the entry-level of Competition. Games are geographically scheduled within your city/county. These teams play a 16-game season from the weekend after Labor Day until just before Thanksgiving and then they return to finish their season in Jan/Feb or March/April (depending on the age group and the high school schedule for the older players). SOCAL State Cup is optional for these teams.

Flight 2 is a more competitive level of play. These games are scheduled geographically and they play a 16-game season, just like Flight 3. These teams participate in the SOCAL State Cup. The college-age players have the option to participate in our College Showcases too.

Flight 1 is the top level of competition with possible promotion to the Discovery NPL Flight 1 division.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for LBFC! As a community-based nonprofit organization, LBFC relies on volunteer participation. Many jobs do not require soccer expertise, including helping with game day equipment, publicity, event staff, and fundraising while other opportunities such as LBFC Rec coaching require training and experience.

LBFC 2022/23 scholarship recipients are required to participate in a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per year.

2022/23 Volunteer Positions

LBFC Rec Coach – The Recreational season takes place over a 10-12 week period. Boys and girls ages 5-15 years old tryout for teams and train once a week. Head coach and assistant coach positions are available depending on experience level. All coaches must meet US Club requirements and will be overseen by LBFC coaching staff. Click the link below to register.

LBFC Rec Referee – The Recreational season takes place over a 10-12 week period. Boys and girls teams ages 5-15 play on Saturdays, primarily in Laguna Beach. Center Referee and Assistant Referee positions are available depending on experience level. All Referees will need to attend a one-hour mandatory LBFC training session. Click the link below to register.

LBFC Ambassador – LBFC Players in grades 9-12 may participate as Referees or Coaches in LBFC Rec as part of the ambassador program. Volunteer hours count towards LBHS graduation requirements. Players must have parent and coach approval in addition to meeting standard requirements to participate. LBFC players should be prepared to volunteer 10-25 hours over the three-month LBFC Rec season. Click the link below for the LBFC Ambassador parent approval form.

Gear Sales – LBFC sells gear through pop-up shops scheduled throughout the year. Volunteer shifts can be arranged for 2-6 hours.

Events – LBFC holds several fundraising events per year in addition to tryouts and camps. Volunteer staff shifts can be arranged for 2-6 hours.

To sign-up for general LBFC volunteer opportunities or present an idea, please contact your team manager or LBFC Director of Operations, Lucie Martlin at [email protected].